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  Trey Blancher e4bd71e9ec Added test* and 2018-2020* to .gitignore. Converted chug.sh to zsh 1 month ago
  Trey Blancher 5bc7c4af89 Added running subtotal to do_process.sh 4 months ago
  Trey Blancher c32204ebab Merge branch 'master' of https://github.atl.pdrop.net/tblancher/timetracker 5 months ago
  Trey Blancher 5b1a4410e4 Fixed math error in timetracker.py 5 months ago
  tblancher 99b560778a Merge pull request #2 from alee/master 9 months ago
  alee ffba297039 Added PauseUntil Atom is Front before entering text 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 148c83c604 Added alee's AtomTimekeepingMacros.kmmacros 9 months ago
  tblancher 28ffb81fdc Minor corrections 9 months ago
  tblancher 1922194e4a Minor text edit in list of videos 9 months ago
  tblancher e78cda9a00 Added link to macro setup video 9 months ago
  tblancher 1b281742dd Spelling and list formatting fixes 9 months ago
  tblancher dedcbf2f48 Fixed list formatting 9 months ago
  tblancher 89a9f9616c Attempt #2 at fixing ordered list 9 months ago
  tblancher 9c50996b06 Fixed formatting and minor adjustments 9 months ago
  tblancher 30123f2a38 Fixed image links 9 months ago
  tblancher c6110754c9 Fixed INSTALL.md link 9 months ago
  tblancher dc926e3c61 Fixed INSTALL.md link 9 months ago
  tblancher 3d86cbe9fc Fixed link to INSTALL.md 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 8c5c7282e3 Added INSTALL.md and related images, with mention in README.md 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 0ea9191371 Made vim more standard 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher ecd73e933f Removed unnecessary call to xargs 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 1bc9d37024 Updated README for `chug.sh -i` and fixed log handling 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 56e8c1c9a2 Updated references to chug.sh and do_process.sh 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 00a70e0822 Renamed chug and do_process with .sh filetype suffix 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 2a7c235058 Rename {month,year}-pack with .sh filetype suffix 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 763fcd15b2 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.atl.pdrop.net/tblancher/timetracker 9 months ago
  Trey Blancher 795f3a2d50 Renamed month-pack.sh -> month-pack 9 months ago
  tblancher 8525899223 Updated prose in video links section 9 months ago
  tblancher 4c1b0bc725 Updated video links 9 months ago
  tblancher cc6f3801bb Added link to demo video 10 months ago
  tblancher 9f3ea8b56a Fixed more typos in KM section 10 months ago
  tblancher 05f8674902 Fixed typo in KM section 10 months ago
  tblancher 8221118d0c Updated vim and do_process sections 10 months ago
  Trey Blancher 01760e7002 Added more KM macros 10 months ago
  tblancher 5fcc15333c Added `do_process` output example, updated prose 10 months ago
  tblancher 202dc4ce82 Fixed emphasis on 'Begin' and 'End' for KM section 10 months ago
  Trey Blancher 8e5910e2b5 Modified .vimrc, updated README 10 months ago
  Trey Blancher 3bc430f611 Removed printing of untagged entries, so no more empty section. 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher 388c43c94f 2020-01-15 commit before remove_general branch 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher a6460caee8 Modified for short tasks (less than 288s/0.08 hours) 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher 34a5bc5bb2 Modified logic to account for tasks that are less than five minutes 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher 52f9bb0f83 Added alternative macro for vim 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher 2012547a51 Added .vimrc with Y macro necessary for timetracker.vim 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher 6ae08da94a Added timetracker.vim, the macro for time Begin/End 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher 3f5fc83ae9 Fixed month-pack to use new gnubin PATH 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher 04d58af4d1 Added option -i to ignore do_process | less output 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher fa2bcff326 Refactored for gnubin support 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher cc1b295d6b Added daily and weekly total output 2 years ago
  Trey Blancher d8fc352bed More specific Begin/End space handling 2 years ago
  Trey Blancher 6e621839da Cleaned up organization handling, added to .gitignore 2 years ago