26 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Trey Blancher 46ef4013fb Fixed logHook and conky placement (for single and multiple screens) 2 months ago
  Trey Blancher 5e8eaceae6 Fixed battery, temperature, clock, and workspace placement 2 months ago
  Trey Blancher 4d9a57c448 Fixed xK_w, xK_r for the multi-screen 2 months ago
  Trey Blancher b45529e715 Fixed font (added "xft:" to font designation 4 months ago
  Trey Blancher ea170669e1 Took out `do` from clipmenu key binding 4 months ago
  Trey Blancher 23eac2f9a5 clipmenu (complete) 4 months ago
  Trey Blancher 79e6cf4b49 clipmenu branch initial commit 4 months ago
  Trey Blancher 52a0702c7e Took out WM name (for Java crap) 4 months ago
  Trey Blancher 9e7f09824d Fixed i3lock (no more white background) 6 months ago
  Trey Blancher 4d19799b99 Remove spideroak workspace 10 months ago
  Trey Blancher 1abee908ab Final bottom_dock commit (feature complete) 10 months ago
  Trey Blancher e9eabe81c8 Initial bottom_dock commit 11 months ago
  Trey Blancher 14b8971b39 Fixed XMonad/dzen2 font setup 11 months ago
  Trey Blancher 28864ff200 Fixed menubar formatting 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher e60fa6c76c 2020-04-12 base commit 1 year ago
  Trey Blancher 60411b74cc Fixed keybinding for Google Chrome (not Chromium) 2 years ago
  Trey Blancher f700429936 xmonad.hs as of 2019-07-29T19:58:45 -04:00 2 years ago
  Trey Blancher d6b7f6686f Added troubleshooting directory 2 years ago
  trey fcfb9a2aae Swapped xK_w and xK_r, for sending files to the left and right monitor, respectively 3 years ago
  trey e47b69dc5a Fixed single-screen flicker (removed cal), and xrandr --off 3 years ago
  trey 06a146bba0 Flicker fixed 3 years ago
  trey 188b5c7fd4 More dzen2 command string organization 3 years ago
  trey 3a673f819e Organized some dmenu code, went back to Xfce4-dict for dictionary app. 3 years ago
  trey 8da6c07068 Added outdoor temperature to single screen dzen2 3 years ago
  trey a9ee37fcc0 Removed hotkey for Google Chrome 3 years ago
  tblancher b0f2890fe5 Initial commit 3 years ago