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First, clone this repository with the --recurse-submodules flag:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules

--recurse-submodules is only necessary if you wish to use the modified psi-by-example program for psi-monitor. I found this too noisy to be of use, it alerts too quickly so I wrote my own with relaxed timing.

If you want to use the psi-by-example/psi-monitor code, you'll need to compile it:

gcc -o psi-monitor psi-monitor.c

Using the systemd template unit

  1. Copy the and scripts to /usr/local/bin:

    sudo cp /usr/local/bin
    sudo cp /usr/local/bin/psi-monitor 
    ### OR ###
    sudo cp psi-by-example/psi-monitor /usr/local/bin
  2. Copy the systemd units to /etc/systemd/system:

    sudo cp psi-alerts@.service psi-monitor.service /etc/systemd/system/

Using the systemd user units

  1. Copy the and scripts to ~/bin (or wherever you want them):

    cp -a ~/bin/
  2. Copy the systemd user units to ~/.config/systemd/user/

    cp psi-alerts-user.service ~/.config/systemd/user/psi-alerts.service
    cp psi-monitor-user.service ~/.config/systemd/user/psi-monitor.service


See in this repository


system template instance:

sudo systemctl enable --now psi-monitor.service psi-alerts@<user>.service

User instance

systemctl --user enable --now psi-monitor.service psi-alerts.service