Pastes of random files.
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Trey Blancher de6b5fad44 Replaced TERM with tmux-256color 1 year ago
.mbsyncrc Added .mbsyncrc (redacted) 1 year ago
.muttrc Updated mutt colors for gruvbox 1 year ago
.tmux.conf Replaced TERM with tmux-256color 1 year ago
2021-05-14-191602_1920x1080_scrot.png Added screenshot of multiple docks problem 2 years ago
2021-05-14_xmonad.hs Added xmonad.hs for multiple bottom docks problem 2 years ago
alacritty.yml Updated colors for gruvbox theme 1 year ago Attempt to fix comments for commento 1 year ago Dump of comments 1 year ago
docker-compose.yml Updated paste of docker-compose.yml 1 year ago
dot.makepkg.conf Add /etc/makepkg.conf and ~/.makepkg.conf 3 years ago
fwknop.log Upload fwknopd.log to pastes 2 years ago
grub Posting /etc/default/grub 3 years ago
grub.cfg Posting of /boot/grub/grub.cfg 3 years ago
imapfilter_config.lua Added imapfilter_config.lua (redacted) 1 year ago
makepkg.conf Add /etc/makepkg.conf and ~/.makepkg.conf 3 years ago
pikaur-S_plex-media-server.output Added `pikaur -S plex-media-server` output 3 years ago
pikaur.conf Added pikaur.conf 3 years ago
tar-t.plex-media-server- Added tar -t output from plex-media-server 3 years ago